Activities and tasks
The following activities are carried out by the group for control on precious metal articles: 

  • testing and stamping of precious metal articles;
  • determining the fulfillment of conditions for testing and stamping of precious metal articles in the business premises of manufacturers, importers, or representatives of precious metals, as well as conditions for making decisions on the mark of manufacturers, importers, or representatives;
  • evaluation of the origin and fineness of precious metal articles;
  • keeping records of certain marks of the manufacturer, importer, or representative;
  • initiating amendments or enacting new regulations on the control of precious metals articles;
  • initiating the development of methods for testing precious metals;
  • testing the composition and fineness of precious metals articles and performing analyses of alloys from which precious metals articles are made and other work in this field.  

The tasks within the scope of the Section are performed in: 

  • headquarters;
  • in the regional facility for the area of the city of Nis and Krusevac, based in Nis;
  • in the regional facility for the area of the city of Novi Sad, Subotica and Zrenjanin, based in Novi Sad.

Contact details

Head of Group
Danka Pavlović, B. Sc.
Phone: 011 20 24 422
Fax:  011 21 81 668
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals
Section for control on precious metal articles
Mike Alasa 14,
11000 Beograd
Republika Srbija

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