The Group for metrology in chemistry is responsible for the realization of the unit for the amount of substance – mole. Under the responsibility of this Group is also the realization of physical-chemicals units. At the European Association of National Metrology Institutes - ЕURАМЕТ this group operates within the scope of the Technical Committee for Metrology in Chemistry (TC-MC). The Group for metrology in chemistry is associated with the activities of the European Organization for Analytical Chemistry - EURACHEM, of which the DMDM is a member, through the participation of our metrologists in the activities of the working groups of EURACHEM.

Tasks and activities
The most important jobs and tasks are related to:

  • research and development of the new standards of the basic and derived units
  • development and application of the new methods of the transferring the units and type approval of the measuring instruments;
  • improving metrological properties of the existing standards and methods;
  • assuring traceability and metrological properties of the national and reference standards;
  • recognition and confirmation of the calibration and measuring capabilities within Mutual Recognition Agreement;
  • preparation of metrological regulation for measuring instruments with mandatory type approval and verification,
  • calibration of standards and measuring instruments;
  • metrological expertise;
  • type approval;
  • production and certification of reference materials.

Jobs in the Group for metrology in chemistry are performed in the laboratories for:

  • density;
  • refractometry;
  • concentration;
  • reference materials and measurements in chemistry.

Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals organizes TrainMiC training programme “Principles and Applications of Metrology in Chemistry”, under the auspices of EC and in cooperation with JRC IRMM, Geel, Belgium. TrainMiC® is a European programme for life-long learning about how to interpret the metrological requirements of ISO/IEC-17025 for chemical and bio-analytical measurements in many different sectors (environment, food, consumer protection, etc.).


Head of the Group for Metrology in Chemistry
Jelena Bebic, M.Sc.Eng.(Tech.).
Phone: (+381) (11) 20 24 426
Mobile: (+381) (66) 8604 083
Fax: (+381) (11) 21 81 668
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