Group for thermometry covers main activities dealing with thermometry, relative humidity and heat energy. Activities and tasks

The main activities and tasks in Group for thermometry are:

  • research and development standards of realization SI units and derived units;
  • development and facilitationof new methods in calibration and testing;
  • improvement of metrology properties for national standards and methods;
  • providing and maintain the traceability chain metrological properties for national standards and reference standards;
  • recognition and approval of CMCs in the scope of Mutual agreement for national measurement standards and for calibration
  • and measurement certificates issued by NMIs (MRA);
  • preparation and adoption of metrology rules for measurement device for which verification is obligatory;
  • calibration of standard and measurement device;
  • pattern approval.


In Group for thermometry there are laboratories for:

  • temperature;
  • relative humidity;
  • heat energy.

Group for thermometry B.Sc. Slavica Simić

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Group for thermometry
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