Uverenje o odobrenju tipa2

Metrological performance and usability of type approval for intended use shall be tested in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Metrology as per specific metrology regulations for the measuring instrument the type of which is being approved.
Type of measuring instruments to be subjected to type approval are listed in the Regulation on the Types of Measuring Instruments That Require Mandatory Approval and Time Intervals of Periodical Approval

Information for the clients

Type approval process is carried out at the request of a national manufacturer, authorised importer or authorised distributor of measuring instruments manufactured by a foreign manufacturer.

If it has been found that the measuring instrument fulfils the prescribed metrological requirements and that it is fit for intended use, a type approval certificate shall be issued.

Application for type approval

An application for the type approval contains the following:

  1. name of the company and address of the head office of the measuring instrument manufacturer;
  2. name of the company and address of the applicant;
  3. document used to authorise the applicant to represent the manufacturer in case when an application is submitted through a representative;
  4. name of the measuring instrument given by the manufacturer;
  5. measuring instrument reference (basic reference);
  6. data on the kind and intended use of a measuring instrument;
  7. basic data on metrological performance of a measuring instrument;
  8. proposed locations at which type approval of a measuring instrument will be performed.

The application form can be downloaded here.

A proof confirming that the administrative fee was paid shall be submitted together with a type approval application.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation on measuring instruments shall contain:

  • Accuracy class or permitted limits;
  • Measuring range of a measuring instrument or nominal value;
  • Reference requirements and nominal range of the use;
  • Technical description of basic properties of the construction and functionality of a measuring instrument;
  • Drawing, kinematic scheme or scheme of the connections of measuring devices and photographs of a measuring instrument that can be photocopied and on the basis of which a measuring instrument can be identified;
  • Data on the software for measuring instruments controlled by the software and on the basis of which it is possible to identify the requirements pertaining to functionality of the measuring instrument software;
  • Proposed measuring instrument inscription and mark;
  • Proposed types and locations of marks to be affixed;
  • Manufacturer’s instruction on how to use a measuring instrument;
  • Results of measuring instruments testing that was performed by the manufacturer of the measuring instruments;
  • In case of imported measuring instruments certificates that are in compliance with the verification certificate issued by foreign competent bodies.

Sample of a measuring instrument

Sample of a measuring instrument that is submitted to be type approved shall contain at least one new measuring instrument. An applicant is obliged to submit, at the request of the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, a sufficient number of samples of new measuring instruments depending on the type and operating principles of the measuring instrument the type of which is to be approved.

Administrative fee
Payee: Republic of Serbia
Purpose of the payment: administrative fee for measuring instrument type testing
Amount: 380,00 RSD + 380,00 RSD
Account number: 840-742221843-57
Model number: 97
Sort code: 44-018 (for Belgrade)

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