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Electrical measurements have a great impact on nearly all areas of research and development, industrial activities, quality of life and environment. Non-electric measuring quantities are converted into electrical quantities and as such are transformed, subsequently processed, stored and transmitted. Therefore, electrical measuring techniques play a key role in metrology.
The first electrical measurements in the field of metrology in the Republic of Serbia was verification of electricity meters.
In the XX century, at the end of 70’s, the first comparisons of DC voltage and resistance measuring standards with BIPM had begin, and first certificate provided traceability to the international measuring standards.
Section for electrical quantities is accredited, which confirm the competence to perform testing of electricity meters, according to series of standards SRPS EN 62053 and SRPS EN 52470.
Activities and Tasks
The tasks of this section consists in research and development work in the area of electrical measuring.
In the field of industrial and legal metrology, section for electrical quantities perform calibration of standards and measuring instrument testing. In addition to expert advice, the Section for electrical quantities provides a wide range of calibration and measurement capabilities, which are completely covered by quality management system.
Laboratory for DC current and voltage
Laboratory for AC current and voltage
Laboratory for electrical resistance
Laboratory for electrical power
Laboratory for electrical energy
Laboratory for Electric Current and Voltage Transformation
Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs)
Testing of measuring instruments
The Section for electrical quantities performs testing of following instruments
  1. electricity meters
  2. measuring instruments for insulation resistance, loop impedance, resistance of earth connection and equipotential bonding, resistance to earth, and residual current devices testing.
In the Section of electrical quantities are made following projects:
  1. Interlaboratory comparison: Calibration of digital multimeters in the Republic of Serbia, 2010
  2. ELF-5, Comparison of energy meter, bilateral comparison between EIM and DMDM, in order to verify its calibration capability, 2010.
  3. CARDS 2006 PT 3 electrical energy, ’Intercomparison with electricity meter '', proficiency testing in accordance with IEC 62053-22:2003. (from 15.04.2008. to 29.04.2008.)
  4. Peer-Review of the Department for Electrical Quantities of the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals (DMDM), Serbia in the technical fields: DC voltage, current and resistance, AC/DC transfer, AC voltage and current, power&energy and phase, Peers: Dr. Beat Jeckelmann, Dr. H. Bachmair (17.10.2007.)
  5. Bilateral comparison of dcv reference standard (from 04.08.2006. to 29.08.2006.)
  6. Euromet key comparisom suplementing CCEM K-5, "Comparison of AC power at 50 Hz" (from 01.06.2005. tо 30.06.2005.)
  7. EUROMET ЕМ-K10, "Key Comparison of Resistance Standards of 100 Ω " (from 07.10.2004. tо 26.10.2004.)
Head of Section for electrical quantities Dr. Jelena Pantelić Babić
Phone: +381 11 20 24 479
Fax: +381 11 21 81 668
E-mail: jelenapb@dmdm.rs
Address Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals
Mike Alasa 14
Section for electrical quantities
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
Activities and Tasks
Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs)
Testing of measuring instruments